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About Incoco

Beauty Meets Innovation.

The research and development for non-liquid nail polish began in 1988, and with more than 20 years of advancements in innovation, Incoco has opened an entirely new category in the cosmetics industry. Incoco is the first and only manufacturer of 100% real nail polish appliqués – taking nail polish out of the bottle and transforming it into self-stick strips.

Incoco fuses together multiple coats of high-quality liquid nail polish into a single strip that results in brilliant, salon-quality manicures in just a few minutes! With this revolutionary and globally patented technology, Incoco offers more than beautiful shades, finishes, and designs – the nail polish strips bring innovation and convenience to modern women everywhere.

About Our Products

nail polish appliquÉs

Say goodbye to the drying time, smudges, and streaks of liquid nail polish! Incoco nail polish appliqués are made of 100% real nail polish and will give you a beautiful manicure in minutes without all the hassle! Each appliqué contains a base, color and top coat for a brilliant, salon-quality manicure. An Incoco manicure lasts up to 14 days, and can be removed easily with nail polish remover. Each set contains 16 strips in varying sizes, which can be gently stretched to fit any nail size perfectly. Incoco offers over 200 varieties of colors and designs, as well as tips and pedicures. Now you can do your own nails anywhere, at any time – and get professional results every time!

Each Incoco nail polish strip includes base, color, and top coats in one! In just minutes, you can have a perfect salon-quality manicure!

Ready Set Gel

Incoco, the leader in 100% real nail polish appliqués, introduces a breakthrough gel manicure system that provides a beautiful gel manicure in minutes. The Ready Set Gel! kit uses the latest nail gel technology to provide a long lasting, chip-free manicure at home in a fraction of the time and expense of traditional salon service. The powerful Incoco LED gel lamp cures the nail gel in seconds, leaving your nails with a high gloss finish that will last for weeks. Other nail gel kits can require multiple applications and include nail lights with longer curing times.

About Our Company

Incoco headquarters are located in Clifton, New Jersey, USA, where everything from development to formulation, production and packaging takes place. The company has produced hundreds of millions of products for global premium cosmetics brands, and its groundbreaking technology is globally patented, bringing a new world of possibilities to the nail polish realm. We provide the world’s only flexible nail polish, which can be contoured to fit any nail size and shape. Incoco has set very high expectations of our company, our products, and our employees – always striving to possess high levels of innovation as well as provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Founder

Every successful company is born from an innovative idea. Incoco's 100% real nail polish appliqués started with an "aha!" moment that would lead to a completely new generation of nail polish!

In 1984, Fa Park came to the United States from Korea with the dream of becoming an acclaimed opera singer. While on a bus in New York City, he noticed the struggle of a woman in a cab trying to paint her nails. As he saw her quickly brushing polish on her nails at every stoplight and trying to blow her nails dry, he wondered why women all over the world had to use a brush to apply nail polish. This sparked his idea to invent self-stick nail polish strips that didn't require any dry time or hassle of application.

After years of hard work and determination, Mr. Park launched Incoco – short for Innovative Cosmetic Concepts – the first cosmetics company to manufacture and produce nail polish strips. The brand has grown exponentially over the years and will continue to expand and receive global recognition!