Incoco Halloween Nails are here!


Halloween is the most fantastically frightening holiday ever, which explains why it's one of Incoco's favorite days of the year!  We're celebrating this ominous holiday with our new collection Fright Night! And let's not forget about the glow-in-the-dark shades we released last year that are still available!

Whether you're in costume, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, or both this Halloween, Incoco's festive nail designs will have your manicure looking super fun for this unpredictable and spooky day!

Fright Night

Incoco's Fright Night collection features four new design shades fit for the Halloween season:

The lead shade, Fright Night, is the silhouette of a haunted mansion and a graveyard against an orange glitter background. The sparkling shade represents this holiday perfectly, and looks seriously AMAZING at the tips of your fingers. This nail design would also look great as an accent nail.

After Dark is a glitter ombré shade that fades from deep purple to orange at the tip. This dramatic nail design gives a more subtle Halloween manicure while still keeping your nails looking festive and fabulous!

Bone Rattling and Spooktacular are the two new glow-in-the-dark shades included in the Fright Night collection. Bone Rattling is filled to the brim with tiny glowing skulls, and Spooktacular has friendly little flying ghosts.


Halloween Nails by Incoco


Incoco Says Boo!

We are happy to announce that five of the Halloween shades from last season will also be making their triumphant returns this year:

The ultimate orange glitter shade, Jackpot, is the ideal solid glitter shade for your Halloween celebrations. Mischief Night, which is chock full of silly and sparkly pumpkins, and Bewitched, which bears a harlequin pattern, are both black and orange glitter shades that totally rock for Halloween. The two original glow-in-the-dark shades, Boo! and Spellbound, are also available again this Halloween. Boo! is a glowing mummy wrapped nail design, and Spellbound is a glowing white nail color.

All the glow-in-the-dark shades should be charged with light after application to get a better glow effect in the dark! The more light exposure they get, the more intensely they will glow in the dark!

Which are your favorite Halloween shades from Incoco? Shop them all HERE to get them in time for Halloween!

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Thanks for reading, and stay safe this Halloween!
The Incoco Team

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