7 Alternative Uses for Liquid Nail Polish


Ever since you were introduced to Incoco nail polish strips and became slightly obsessed with our press on polish, we're willing to bet that you've abandoned most, if not all, of your liquid nail polish collection. Now what are you going to do with all those bottles of seemingly useless paint? Obviously your nails no longer have any need for the stuff, but there are quite a few cute DIY projects in which liquid nail polish actually comes in handy. Let's check them out:

Alternative uses of Liquid Nail Polish

1. Fun Bobby Pins

Sometimes plain brown bobby pins can be a little boring, but if you want to add a little flair to your most mundane hair accessories, painting them different colors with nail polish could really put you back in the game. Paint each pin a different color while they are positioned along a piece of cardboard. You may need one or two coats depending on the color of the polish.

2. Color Coded Keys

Painting the top part of your house keys is an easy way to help you remember which key is for which door. Choose a different color for each key, or initial each with a letter or symbol to make things easy for you. Not only do color coded keys assist  you in your everyday life, but they look super cute hanging on your keychain as well!

3. Buttoning Up

Dabbing on nail polish over buttons helps the threads stay secure. Simply paint over the whole button with clear, liquid polish, and those babies will never fall off!

OR, you can totally transform the buttons on your blouse, coat, or pants by painting them with a colorful polish!

4. Shoe Shine

Patent leather shoes aren't usually the most scratch resistant. Cover up a scuff or knick in your heels with a little liquid polish that matches the shade of the shoe. Sharpies might be a quick fix for this kind of thing, but they lack the luster and shine of actual paint! You may even want to try painting the sole of the shoe with your choice polish color- how about a bright red for Louboutin lookalikes?

(Did you know: In 1992, Christian Louboutin painted the bottom of a pair of shoes with an assistant’s nail polish to give them more “energy.”)

5. Funky Phones

Painting your phone charger with some left over polish is a cute way to glam up one of your most essential accessories. It also helps differentiate it from your other adapters.

OR, you can use the polish to paint a plain phone case with a cool design or just a pretty solid color.

6. Jewelry and Such

Putting a thin layer of clear nail polish over your costume jewelry will prevent the precious metals from tarnishing. Your jewelry won't get that stained, rusty look, and the protective coating of nail polish will keep your skin from turning green.

OR, you can use different colors and textures of nail polish to create gorgeous statement rings! All you'll need are flat marbles, adjustable ring bands, and your choice of polish. Check out Michelle's tutorial on her blog IceFrostDiary.com.

7. Hand painted Handbag

Our final (and favorite) way to use liquid polish- the Carrie Bag. If you're a fan of The CW's "The Carrie Diaries," you already know we're talking about the epic nail polish splattered satchel that Carrie designs herself after her kid sister accidentally spills polish all over the front. You can make your own, too, with a some creativity and a little extra nail polish!

Now that you have finally found alternative uses for your old liquid polish, you won't feel as guilty when you completely abandon the bottles for Incoco nail strips. We hope you have fun with all these DIY activities- don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, and make sure to check out our NEW discounted Nail Essentials Kits!

Thanks for reading!
The Incoco Team

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