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Since we're always so inspired by all the amazing nail art posted throughout the blogosphere, Incoco has made it a priority to get our product in the hands of the amazing influencers that truly shape the nail community. Who better to represent a nail polish company than beauty and nail bloggers?! We always love to see what these incredible bloggers come up with when given a few different Incoco shades, and are usually pleasantly surprised by how GORGEOUS their manicures turn out. That's why today we are paying homage to one of the ever so talented influencers that we've had the pleasure of working with recently- Missy from Gnarly Gnails! Click here to view her post.

A few weeks back, Missy posted a review of Incoco nail strips on her blog, and our jaws immediately dropped to the floor. Not only did the product look flawless, but Missy got creative- and there is nothing we appreciate more than a creative nail artist! Let's take a gander, shall we...

Who said our French tip strips could only be used at the tip of the nail? Missy used our Maxed Out Tips to make a manicure that is literally maxed out with style and edginess. She created a half moon manicure with the perfectly arched tips, only leaving the bottom "moon" of the nail bare. Then she designed her accent nail on her middle finger by cutting one strip into two, sticking them on the nail in a cross shape, and outlining them with black polish. This is such a cool, rocker chic look, and we are obsessed! What do you think?

Combination Incoco manicures make us nail addicts here at Incoco go gaga. That's why we love the way Missy mixed and matched these next two manis to include a few different Incoco shades in one manicure!

The manicure above is a combination of two shades from our neon nails collection and one shade from our summer nails collection. Missy used NY Lights on her ring and pinky fingers, Summer Sizzle on her middle finger, and Mint Mojito on her index finger. She compares these wild and fun nails to skittles, and we could just eat up this eclectic combo!

Missy's final nail design was a super cute fusion of NY Lights and La Rambla. She cut little hearts out of her La Rambla strips with a craft punch, and adhered them over NY Lights on her ring finger for an artsy looking accent nail. A++ for creativity, Missy! We totally dig all three of these super original and inspiring Incoco manicures!

Missy even said that our nail strips were "definitely a great alternative to [liquid] polish and easy for even a super novice to deal with!"

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Thanks for reading, and come again soon!
The Incoco Team

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