Celebs Rock the V-Shape Manicure


As you may know, Incoco is keen on nail art. And lately, we just can't get enough of those chic reverse French manicure nail designs. Literally, they are all we want to talk about. Our absolute fave in particular has got to be the V-shape mani. V-shape manicures are all over the Hollywood scene, and the more we spot them on celebs, the more we go absolutely gaga for them! Oh yes, the queen of nail art herself, Lady Gaga, has sported this modish mani on multiple occasions.

In love with those black and gold V-shape nails on the right? Enough to pay $12,000 to get your hands on them? MTV Style says some lucky bidder paid TWELVE GRAND for just one of those stunning stiletto nails! Gaga for Gaga, much?

But this pop diva isn't the only starlet daring to draw attention to her V-tacular manicure. Rihanna rocked the look in black and white in 2011 for her music video "You Da One" and hasn't turned back since! The bad-to-the-bone music sensation is shown below with gold V-shape French tips over pure white polish at the premiere of her 2012 movie Battleship. She definitely knows how to "werk-it!"

Another singer-songwriter who effortlessly flaunts the fierce V-shape mani? Miranda Lambert! Can you guess that goddess's hands? They're on the bottom left! This blonde bombshell wore her gold and blue V-shape manicure for the 2013 Grammy Awards where she bagged the award for Best Country Album- and best nails, we might add. Maybe her stylin' gold V-mani was just the good luck charm she needed!

As for the other two celeb hands shown above... that's British songstress Jessie Ware in the black, purple, and white V-mani, and leading lady Lake Bell is wearing those nude, blue, and gold nails on the top right.

Depending on how you choose to rock it, the V-shape can be painted super skinny, wide, short, long, or any which way want. Celebrity manicurist, Jin Soon, claims this angular mani as her "signature look." She favors this particular pointy design because of its refreshing diversity. The Huffington Post quotes her saying, "It can look classic, sophisticated, casual, sporty, modern, chic, and stylish--it all depends on your nail polish color, nail length, and nail shape." And, get this, Jin Soon says the trendy V-shape will make your nails look longer, which is an absolute life-saver for all our ladies with short nails! Jin Soon even painted the models' nails at the Prabal Gurung Fall '13 show with this favored nail look. Check out the Jin Soon V-shape masterpieces below!

We think V-shape manis are a great way to get super fashionable nails that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. We're so glad the celebs obviously agree on this one! If you're curious about how to get your own V-shape mani to match the stars', read our blog post: Triangle Moon Manicure Nail Art, to see how Incoco makes nail art easy!

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