Fall Fashion Fix: Houndstooth


Houndstooth can be a tricky pattern to master, unless you know exactly how to rock it. Make the houndstooth trend a warm and cozy fashion staple in your wardrobe by following the rules in this post! But, always be open to adding your own spin to any trend! (Make sure you read to the end of the post for the reveal of a special sale!)


Rule 1: Keep it Color Coded

Match the rest of your outfit with the colors of the Houndstooth pattern. Clothing and accessories below the waist should complement the darker color of the pattern, and items above the waist should help accentuate the lighter color in the contrasting pattern. For example, when wearing a black and white houndstooth blazer, wear a white shirt under the jacket, and solid black pants and shoes to complete the look in a chic, sophisticated way.


Rule 2: Bend Rule 1

If you're going for a bold look, try adding a dash of color through your accessories. Some colors that pair nicely with black and white houndstooth are a solid red, blue, green, or pink. If you want to add color while keeping it on the chicer side, go for a camel or burgundy accessory. Try a colored belt or satchel to play up your look, while keeping it subdued and coordinated.


Rule 3: Don't Overdo it

This rule goes for all patterns and colors. When it comes to fashion, too much of one thing tends to be a very BAD thing. So, if you were planning on pairing your houndstooth coat with your houndstooth pants and your houndstooth tote, just know that you will be issued a fine for your crime against fashion. Keep it simple with just one major houndstooth checked item, and you'll be golden!


Rule 4: Understate it

When it comes to incorporating a houndstooth pattern in your outfit, sometimes a statement accessory is all you need. A houndstooth scarf plays up any plain look, and houndstooth pumps are a fun way to add a little flair to your little black dress or black slacks. A touch of pattern will go a long way. Without having to revolve your entire outfit around houndstooth, the pattern will still pop and get noticed.


Incoco gets Houndstooth Happy

With Fall weather swooping in on us, the season of warm sweaters and heavy prints is making itself a semi permanent home in our wardrobes. Houndstooth clothes and accessories are perfect for the Fall, and houndstooth nails have been making quite the statement here at Incoco. We've got this fashion-forward fall print in a variety of colors to bring chic style to your nails all year 'round! And, we're starting off November with a sweet surprise:



15% OFF Prim & Proper- a professional black and pink shimmering houndstooth pattern

15% OFF Suit Up- a black and silver sparkling houndstooth pattern

15% OFF Houndstooth Twist- a shimmering silver and purple pattern that features different sized houndstooth checks

15% OFF Tailored Fit-a military inspired houndstooth pattern featuring camo and neutral colors

15% OFF On the Edge- a neon yellow and black houndstooth pattern


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Thanks for reading, and have fun with your houndstooth patterns!
The Incoco Team

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