How-to: Getting Crafty with Accent Nails


If you're looking to put a fresh spin on your favorite tried-and-true mani, look no further than the accent nail. Adding a glittery digit or applying nail art to one or two nails is an easy way to jazz up your nails, and our Incoco Perfect Accent packs are perfectly sized for your accent nail needs.


However, if you're looking to take your nail game further, why not use accent nail packs to create a nail art look that's completely your own? If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know it's one of our favorite ways to mix up our manis - and it's much easier than it looks! Here are four fresh looks you can create by cutting and crafting Incoco Perfect Accents packs. 


Flower Girl makes a cute accent nail as a floral complement to a pink mani, but is a subtly cute touch as triangle cutouts. Pair with a pearly white, like Pearl Next Door, for cheery floral pop. Trace triangles in your desired size in pencil on the backs of your appliqués, then cut carefully with scissors to achieve this sweet look. 


The elegant blooms of Fashion District and its deep, shimmery tones make it a perfect date night look. Pair this with a dark, romantic color like Autumn Night for a sultry evening manicure - we like to mix it up with asymmetrical sharp triangle cutouts for edgy yet sophisticated nail art. 


Black and gold nails get an extra dose of glam with metallic glitter, negative space, and interesting shapes! Give this tried-and-true look a modern update by cutting up Midnight accent strips and layering with 24 Karats, making sure to include a peek of bare nail on a finger or two. 


The full chevron nail look is an easy way to wear transparent Fast Forward accent nails - but why not try jazzing up a mani with a few strategically placed zigzag stripes? For this look, we carefully cut along the black edge of Fast Forward strips with an x-acto knife, and layered them vertically and along the cuticles of a geometric Hidden Gem manicure.


Check out our full lineup of Perfect Accents, and let us know in the comments how you would wear your favorite Incoco accent nail!

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