How To Properly File Your Nails


Just like eyebrows are said to frame the face, the shape of your nails frames your whole manicure! That's why it is super important to know how to file your nails the correct way to get the perfect shape, while keeping your nails strong and healthy. Incoco has a few tips when it comes to nail files and filing techniques that will help you create your desired manicure.

Do: file in one direction. Always file your nail from the outside edge of the nail toward the center. This is the proper technique to be used no matter which nail shape you decide on (read our blog post explaining different nail shapes HERE).

Do NOT: saw the nail back and forth with the file. This will cause damage to your nail and it will cause the nail to be susceptible to breakage.

Do: make sure that your nails are dry before filing. This is important, as filing wet nails might cause nails to tear since they absorb water and become softened by moisture.

Do NOT: file directly after a bath or after soaking your nails, since you will want your nails to be dry and strong before filing.

Do: Use a clipper to trim your nails instead of using the file to trim them. The file should be used to shape the nail after it has been trimmed.

Do NOT: trim the nail with your file. Using the file to trim your nail will require you to file too harshly against the nail, which will cause damage.

Do: use an emery board with a grit between 220 and 300. Remember: the lower the number, the more harsh of a grit. People with thin and weak nails should use files with a higher grit number. And, make sure to always use above a 180 grit on natural nails.

Do NOT: use a metal file. Metal files tend to be less flexible and are very rough on the nail. You also should not use the metal file to dig under the nail, as this will cause your nail plate to separate from the nail bed.

Do: buff nails lightly with a high grit buffer (between 900- 12000) to erase any noticeable ridges.

Do NOT: buff more than a few times a month, or you will start to erase layers of your nail plate, which will cause your nails to become thin and brittle.

Here's a little summary of all the do's and don'ts so that you'll remember!:


How to File your Nails

Helpful Hints:

1. File before removing nail polish from your fingernails. The nail polish will protect and strengthen the nail while you file.

2. Two sided files are helpful. You can use the side with the lower grit (the rougher side) to take care of reshaping and use the higher grit (the finer side) to smooth things out.

3. Dampen your emery board with a small amount of water before using it to make the board more flexible and gentle on your nails.


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Thanks for reading, and happy filing!
The Incoco Team

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