Inside Look: The Mystic Night Collection


As the weather gets colder, we're stepping up our fashion game with cozy knits, rich colors, and of course, nails to match the season - namely, the effortlessly sparkly glitters of our Mystic Night Collection.

Liquid glitter polish can be tricky to get right: one or two coats can look sparse and uneven, but extra coats quickly become a thick, goopy mess that takes forever to dry. By contrast, our glitter appliqués deliver even coverage with maximum sparkle, a smooth finish, and no need for the notorious dreaded glitter polish dry time.

Our glitter appliqué journey starts in our color lab, where we get creative mixing nail polish colors with different sizes and shades of glitter.

Once we mix the perfect combination of glitter sizes and colors into a polish, it's transformed into the easy-to-apply, smooth glittery appliqués you know and love. Here's a closer look at our newest line of glitters:


Enchanted Rose and Golden Age combine classic autumn color with luxurious sparkle. For a flirty take on cold weather color, top your tips with Enchanted Rose, a classic burgundy that gets a hint of fairy-tale romance with sweet pink sparkles. Golden Age, a glamorous burnished gold glitter, complements both rich fall hues and airier pastels.


Say hello to two cosmically cool glitters: Stars Align and Deep Space. Stars Align, an ode to unabashedly fun color, features iridescent coppery-pink glitter with tinier silver, pink, and fuchsia bits. Deep Space shows off a deep navy blue, accented with chunky round silver, periwinkle, purple, and magenta glitters. Tinier silver sparkles finish the look for a galactic effect.

Which of these beauties would you wear with your favorite fall and winter ensembles?

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