10 Nail Myths Debunked- Part 1


Fact or fiction- sometimes it's hard to tell the difference! That's why we're exposing the truth behind 10 common nail myths that might not seem so obviously untrue at first glance. So don't be fooled, explore the actual facts and read on as we DEBUNK these silly nail fables.

Myth #1. Nails need to breathe.

This is my favorite nail myth-mainly because so many people seem to believe it's true! But, I'm happy to report that nails CANNOT and DO NOT "breathe." They are not alive and the nail plate has no capability to absorb air. Nails are actually unaffected by external air. All the oxygen needed to grow nails in the matrix is provided by the bloodstream. This means there's no need to periodically strip your nails from polish or even remove your nail enhancements for this reason. In fact, continually polishing your nails helps them retain their natural oils. So if someone tries to tell you that you are damaging your nails by keeping them covered, tell them to relax and to take a deep breath because your nails certainly won't be, even when they're bare.

Myth #2. Enhancements destroy your natural nails.

The only way nail enhancements destroy natural nails is if they are put on or taken off improperly. Since the enhancements are applied onto the top of the nail plate, and in no way penetrate the nail or affect the nail matrix, acrylics and gels alike should not and do not cause permanent damage to the natural nail. Natural nail clippings can soak in any of the solutions used for nail enhancements without being affected, so when enhancements are removed properly, your natural nails should be just as thick and healthy as they were prior to applying enhancements.

Myth # 3. Storing nail polish in the refrigerator makes it last longer.

Wrong again! Nail polish should be kept in a dry atmosphere at room temperature and preferably someplace dark. The best way to make your polish last longer is to clean the bottle before putting on the cap and seal it tightly so that no air can get in. According to The Daily Varnish blog, storing nail polish in the fridge will expose it to high levels of temperature change (from taking it out to use it and putting it back in to store it), which can be harmful to the polish formulation. Room temperature nail polish applies the smoothest coats, BUT keeping the polish in the fridge WILL slow the thickening.

Myth # 4. Always trim your cuticles.

If you read our blog post 5 Tips for Cuticle Care, you already know that this is a fallacy. Since cuticles serve as protective seal between your nail plate and the root of your nail, cutting your cuticles gives germs and bacteria an open entryway to cause infection, discoloration, and ridges. It is best to just push the cuticles back with an orange stick after moisturizing.

Myth #5. White spots on nails result from lack of calcium intake.

Absolutely not! These little white spots on the nail are actually called leukonychia and are generally caused by some sort of injury to the nail matrix while the nail is being formed. They have nothing to do with your calcium, zinc, or vitamin intake. The spots take around 6 weeks to show on the nail and are common among nail biters and pickers. Dr. Weil says these spots may also be due to an allergic reaction to nail polish and are sometimes telling of minor infections.

To Be Continued... Come back next week for 5 more nail myths debunked!

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