10 Nail Myths Debunked- Part 2


And we're back! Since we know you are trembling with anticipation over the next 5 nail myths we are about to uncover, let's just get right into it. Nail myths 6-10 sure make for one doozie of a continued post! Read on...

Myth # 6. Biting nails stops them from growing back.

This is sort of like when you crossed your eyes as a kid and your parents told you they'd get stuck like that just to make you stop doing it. There is absolutely zero merit behind this statement, but it might work to make someone gullible stop biting his/her nails. Nail biting doesn't cause any long term harm, unless there is significant damage to the nail matrix. So, go find another way to convince yourself to stop biting, or check out our tips here!

Myth #7. External vitamins will make nails grow faster and stronger.

Stylelist.com covers this one pretty well. They say that vitamins and nutrients can only reach the nail through the bloodstream, and cannot be absorbed directly into the nail itself. Therefore, it's the foods we eat, not external elements, that provide nutrition to the body. Vitamin E can be used as an antioxidant on nails, which will help protect them from damaging outside factors, but does not act to strengthen or nourish the nail plate.

Myth #8. Eating gelatin will strengthen nails.

Although Jell-O is said to contain keratin, the same protein fingernails are made of, eating a lot of the wiggly good stuff won't make your nails any stronger. Actually, a protein rich diet in general will most likely not noticeably benefit your nails unless you were previously vitamin deficient. Instead, do not bite or pick at your nails, moisturize them often, and try applying a nail hardener that is three-free (no formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate) to give your nails a little added strength.

Myth #9. Nails keep growing after death.

Now we're getting a little morbid, but we think it's important to put this particular rumor to bed in its eternal resting place. Nails stop growing after death because the body no longer gets fed oxygen and glucose through the circulation of blood. This means that the body's energy source to build cells is shut down, and without the generation of cells, the nail will not grow. The nails do however appear larger after death since the tissue surrounding the nail shrinks down, but there is ultimately no new growth among nails or even hair after becoming deceased.

Myth #10. Put freshly painted nails in ice water to make them dry faster.

This would be a game changer if it was in fact true. But, dunking your freshly manicured nails into a pool of ice water will not speed up the drying process. The only way that nail polish will dry is when the solvents in the polish are evaporated, so submerging your nails in liquid will only hinder the drying time. Your best bet is to introduce your painted claws to a fan, and call it a day. Or, try out some Incoco nail polish strips and never have to worry about waiting for your nails to dry again- just a thought!

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Thanks for reading, and come back soon!
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