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Sometimes nail polish can be a bit tricky to remove, especially those pesky glitter shades and gel products. Since us busy ladies don't have time to waste scrubbing at stubborn polish, we've had to figure out some techniques to remove our most durable manicures without all the hassle. There are a few methods floating around Pinterest that have really sparked Incoco's interest: the cotton ball pieces method, the foil method, and the glue method.

Incoco Gel & Polish Remover

But first, we thought we'd mention that although the following techniques seem fabulous, Incoco's Gel & Polish Remover jar was made specifically to tackle Incoco nail appliqués and gel solution, and it works like a charm! When removing any of our glitter shades, or Ready, Set, Gel! product, soak your nails in the jar before swirling it around against the inner sponge. Depending on your manicure, some shades might require more soaking time to remove, but you won't need any other supplies to completely get rid of the polish. Sounds pretty simple, and it is!

Cotton Ball Pieces Method

Anne, from Gingerbreadmanne has perfected the craft of removing her nail polish with this method that requires less than one cotton ball! First she unravels the cotton ball so that it is in one long, fluffy strip. She then splits that strip into two separate pieces. Then Anne advises to take one of those strips and break it into even smaller pieces that are about the size of your nail. You'll be left with around 15 small cotton pieces. Dip the edge of the cotton piece in nail polish remover, but don't submerge the whole thing, as this will make it drenched and runny. Place the wet cotton piece over your nail and let it stand for a few minutes. Then take your extra, dry cotton pieces and wipe off the wet pieces (from cuticle to tip) while pushing down on your nail. After just one swipe, you should be left with clean nails... and half a cotton ball!

Foil Method

For the foil method, you'll need cotton rounds (which can be substituted with lint free cotton squares, or cotton pieces), tin foil, and nail polish remover (preferably acetone based). If you're using cotton rounds, cut them in half or in quarters—they only have to be big enough to cover your nail. Then dunk the rounds in nail polish remover, place them over your nails, and wrap the foil around your fingertip to hold everything in place. Let your nails soak in the foil wrapped cotton for about 5 minutes. When you remove it, put pressure on your nail and twist while you pull off the cotton/foil. You can also use finger tip grips instead of foil to secure the cotton piece on your nail. We recently used the foil method to show some glitter polish who's boss, and used Incoco's remover jar to clean up the excess. Check out the pics below!

Glue Method

Peeling off your polish isn't necessarily the safest way to get it off your fingernails, but when you use glue as your basecoat, it does make the removal process a heck of a lot easier. We don't recommend this method for ladies looking for a durable manicure that will last a long time, it's more geared towards our polish lovers who change their manis pretty often. Heather over at I Feel Polished wrote a post about this method, and we think it's super clever! She made a glue basecoat by filling an empty polish bottle with a 3/4 Elmer's Glue, 1/4 water mixture. Heather then applied two coats of the mixture to her nails as a basecoat and waited for it to dry before applying her nail polish right on top. Then when it came time to taking off her nail polish, Heather lifted one corner of the polish off her nail with her cuticle stick, and the polish began to peel right off. What a great idea! Just beware that the glue might start to peel before it's time for a new manicure.

Tip: When using a method which includes soaking your nails in polish remover, make sure to wash your hands afterward to prevent your nails from becoming weak due to excess acetone.

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