Ready, Set, Gel! Tips and Tricks


Incoco's Ready, Set, Gel! kit is an at-home gel manicure system that gives you a gorgeous gel manicure in minutes without having to leave your house! Our gel kit comes with everything you need for a flawless, glossy manicure that really lasts. But, there are a few important things to remember before you begin using the system. In order to get the very best results possible, make sure to follow these absolutely essential directions:

1. Do not apply to bare nails

When using Incoco's Ready, Set, Gel! kit, you should NOT apply the clear gel to bare nails. The gel is specially formulated to be applied over any Incoco nail polish appliqués, so that there is a barrier between your nail and the gel. Be sure to apply your favorite nail strips first, and then apply the gel like a topcoat over them.


2. Apply to clean nails

Make sure your nails are clean of any oils before applying your nail strips and gel topcoat. Cuticle oils and moisture from your fingers can affect the application process. Use the Prep and Finish cloths on your nails prior to applying the nail strips to clean the surface of the nail so that the strips and gel will adhere properly.


3. Apply even layers

It is very important to apply the gel topcoat in even layers. If your layers are uneven, they will cure unevenly (leaving some spots sticky after curing). If you want a thicker look, you can apply multiple layers of gel, but be sure to cure and wipe each layer with alcohol prep pads before applying the next layer.


4. Cover the tip of the nail with gel

Don't forget to apply gel to the very tip of your nail before curing the first layer. This will seal in the nail completely with gel and help to prevent tip wear and chipping.


5. Cure thumb and fingers separately

Since our lamp is nice and compact (which is great for storage and mobility), you cannot fit your whole hand under the light at one time. This is why we recommend curing the thumb separately than the rest of your fingers—to ensure that each nail receives the appropriate amount of exposure to the light.


6. 2 clicks to cure

 To cure the gel correctly, make sure to keep your nails under the lamp for the duration of two clicks of the silver button up top. Each click of the button keeps the light on for 10 seconds. We recommend a minimum of two clicks, but if nails feel sticky, try curing for another press of the button.


7. Use Prep & Finish cloths

It is super important to use the Prep & Finish cloths after curing the gel on your nails. The alcohol in these cloths will help get rid of any sticky residue, and will smooth out your gel nails to perfection!


8. Store it wisely

Store the gel formula bottle in a dimly lit area to ensure that it lasts. Any exposure of the gel to the LED lamp will cause the gel inside to cure before you even apply it to your nails, so make sure the top is on tight and the bottle is far away from the lamp when you are curing your nails.


9. Remove safely

To remove your Ready, Set, Gel! manicure, use Incoco's polish and gel remover jar (which comes in your kit). First, soak your nails in the jar for 5-7 minutes. Then use the flat end of a cuticle stick to gently push the gel off the nails.


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The Incoco Team

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