What to Wear: Mixing Patterns with the Fashion First Collection


The fall fashion season is upon us - what better time than now to start experimenting with autumn patterns and textures? Here are five ways to pair our Fashion First nail art appliqués with other prints and patterns to make a serious style statement:


Floral Couture updates a spring pattern with rich fall colors. For an elegantly feminine statement, match this nail art look to accessories with a dark floral pattern or jewel-toned stripes and embellishments.


Plaid is a quintessential fall pattern, and we designed Prep School in burgundy and yellow tones for a bold take on an autumn classic. Pair this design with a monochromatic grid pattern, or a plaid in a different size, for a cool effect.


Balance Cutting Edge's pink patchwork stripes with more stripes in black and white for a cohesive but contrasting look.


The subtle black and white tweed of Street Style appliqués gets a bold touch when paired with an animal print accessory - we love this understated look with a leopard pattern.


Avant Garde's shimmery, steely fishbone pattern makes a dark, fashion-forward statement. Take this look to the next level by and wear with clothing and accessories that feature geometric prints.

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